With over 60 year’s combined experience in moving families and individuals all over the world, we feel well placed to offer our services to both the public moving overseas and our Trade colleagues who are based here in the UK.

After several decades of building links and forming special relationships with agents in all the major destinations our customers emigrate to, and with your clients valuable possessions tracked from receiving to final delivery, I am sure our services will be of interest to you, our Trade partner.


We service over 200 countries and territories worldwide and offer LCL and FCL services to the Trade with one dedicated Move Co-ordinator overseeing your consignment from start to final destination.  This is truly a personal, tailored service for you and your client.


We can help you move forward in the overseas moving market in several ways to increase your profitability and raise your profile:

Your Company and Your Moving Group Worldwide Ltd work together on your overseas move to outside the EU, ensuring your client has a tailored service at a competitive rate whilst receiving the highest industry standards.

You forward to Your Moving Group Worldwide Ltd your initial enquiry.  Once we have secured the move under the Your Moving Group brand, received full payment and delivery to final destination has been completed, you receive a 10% commission of the total move price.

We also provide discounted Export Packing, Introduction into Business Management and Introduction into Marketing Opportunities and Selling courses at APT Services in Dereham, Norfolk, or at your own premises anywhere in the UK.

Our Promise to You.

Mark and Andy are constantly striving to improve the Group and industry standards, to drive up prices. Continuous help, advice and assistance provided from two dedicated Moving Men.